FAD Run (Fish Attracting Devices)

The FAD Run charter is offered in the warmer months of the year, generally December through to the end of March, heading out early in the morning as these devices usually hold good numbers of the great tasting, hard fighting Mahi Mahi.

Every year when the warm water flows offshore along our coast, it brings with it a myriad of bait fish and hot on their tails are our targets - dolphinfish (mahi mahi) and marlin.

The charter starts by catching live bait before heading offshore. We then travel to the FAD ( Fish Attracting Devices) areas targeting the  dolphinfish with live yellowtail, slimy mackeral and / or lures. These areas also see marlin being caught as well.

The last half of this charter is normally spent trolling the ocean on the hunt for marlin or huge dolphinfish. We can target oceanic pelagic fish such as Yellowfin Tuna species, Albacore and of course, Marlin.

** Please note: We do not keep marlin, we only tag and release these wonderful fish **

To book the vessel exclusively for a group of 1-5 people costs $950 in total. Alternatively, you are most welcome to call and join an already booked group and this will cost $200 per person.