Hawkesbury River Jewfish Charter

On the Hawkesbury River Jewfish Chartter we'll start by collecting live bait such as yellowtail and squid and then start the hunt for jewfish using a few different techniques.

We will drift the deeper holes, channels and structure using baits and lures and anchor up at one of the many jewfish spots near the change of tide to maximise your chance at catching 'The Big One'.

Whilst targeting jewfish you'll catch other fish as well. We'll place out a couple of lighter lines whilst waiting for the big rods to start screaming so you can still catch bream, flathead, whiting and flounder.

The areas we fish on this charter include Lion Head, Box Head, The Bommie, Flint & Steel, Juno Point, Gunya Point, Wobbies, The Bridges, The Vines, Bar Point, Little Settlement and Pumpkin Point to name just a few.

To exclusively book the vessel for a group of up to 5 people, will cost $800 in total. Alternatively, you are most welcome to call and join an already booked group and this will cost $170 per person.

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