Kingfish Coast Run (Shore – Ocean)

On this charter we venture along our wonderful coast to target kingfish.

We start by catching yellowtail or slimy mackeral to be used on our downriggers as live bait.

Whilst we are downrigging the headlands, bommies and reefs lures are ripped along the surface to entice a follow or hit from fish that aren’t covered by the downriggers.

You also have a chance at catching, samsonfish, amberjack, bonito, Australian salmon and even trevally depending on the time of the year that is fished.

The best times to target these fish along the coast varies from year to year but a general guide is from Oct through to end of March.

This charter is suited to anyone that can handle the ocean without sea sickness issues.

To book the vessel exclusively for a group of up to 5 people is $750 in total. Alternatively, you are most welcome to call and join an already booked group and this will cost $160 per person.
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