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Reef Fishing Charter (Offshore – River Fishing)

On the Reef Fishing Charter we head offshore to target bottom dwelling fish. The reefs are a real lucky dip and this charter is suited to anyone that doesn’t get seasick. We drift the deep water ( up to 80m deep) targeting snapper, morwong, trevally, flathead and teraglin to mention but a few. We drift…
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FAD Run (Fish Attracting Devices)

The FAD Run charter is offered in the warmer months of the year, generally December through to the end of March, heading out early in the morning as these devices usually hold good numbers of the great tasting, hard fighting Mahi Mahi. Every year when the warm water flows offshore along our coast, it brings…
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Kingfish Coast Run

On this charter we venture along our wonderful coast to target kingfish. We start by catching yellowtail or slimy mackeral to be used on our downriggers as live bait. Whilst we are downrigging the headlands, bommies and reefs lures are ripped along the surface to entice a follow or hit from fish that aren’t covered…
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