Pittwater Kingfish Charter

This is the charter we are renown for.

Th Pittwater Kingfish Charter is ideal for the kingfisher person that wants to learn downrigging of all levels and other techniques on how to catch kingfish. Peter will help you learn some of the tips and tricks that he’s accumulated over the decades of fishing Pittwater and Broken Bay.

We start by catching our live bait of squid or yellowtail. These live baits are placed on our downriggers as we travel over the many wrecks and kingfish areas of Pittwater. Whilst we are downrigging lures are cast out of the sides of the boat and ripped back exciting fish we do not travel over. We also catch any of the pelagic fish that are biting at the time.

Pittwater / Broken Bay and the areas that we fish inside Pittwater mainly cover sunken boats. On a normal charter, we’ll cover up to 12 different wrecks whilst chasing kingfish. There are 50 wrecks in Pittwater that I know about and you can be sure there are more just waiting to be found.

These charters are designed not only to catch fish, but to help you leave the boat with a lot better understanding of Pittwater, and more confidence in using the same techniques at your local fishing area.

To book the vessel exclusively for a group of 1-5 people will cost $750 in total. Alternatively, you are most welcome to call and join an already booked group at 160 per person.

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